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This page describes the Gallery2 plugin for RestAuth. It implements only the very basic features (see Limitations) of RestAuth.

Requirements & Installation

The plugin requires Gallery2 2.3.1 and either of the two patches found in the patches/ directory have to be applied.Additionally, the php library has to be installed and in your include path. Please see the README file for further instructions.

Since the plugin is so far from being finished, there is no repository for installation yet. You have to checkout the git repository:

git clone

You need to apply the patch and then copy the src/ directory to the modules/ directory of your Gallery2 installation. The name of the directory must be 'restauth':

cp -a src/ /path/to/gallery2/modules/restauth

When successfully installed, browse to the "Plugins" and activate the RestAuth plugin. It requires configuration in its own module page.

How it works

The plugin (together with the patch) will first try to authenticate against the RestAuth server. If that fails, Gallery2 will still try to authenticate against the local user database. If the authentication is successful, it will either load the local user from the database or create it if it doesn't yet exist.

Local Preferences are loaded upon login, but changing them in Gallery2 does not update the RestAuth database.


The plugin for RestAuth implements only the very basic features of RestAuth:

  • User authentication
    • Optionally the user may be required to be in a specific group to be able to authenticate
  • Minimal properties (user name, e-mail) are imported upon login - but changing them does not yet update the database.