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This we could directly use in the fsinf:

  • So far the Drupal plugin only does login. It could also use groups for roles and Properties for preference management.
  • ... add more here

Other potentially useful stuff:

  • Wordpress, Joomla, Traq, BugZilla, ...
  • A library in languages of your choice: C, C++, Haskell, Erlang (--> we use ejabberd for jabber.fsinf.at?), Lua, ...
  • If you like low-level stuff: Integration into low-level services like IMAP/SMTP servers
  • Integration into other XMPP servers like ejabberd (written in Erlang) or Prosody (written in Lua)
  • Backup/Secondary RestAuth servers
  • ... add more here

Wish-list matrix

Please feel free to add your ideas here:

Idea Dependencies potential use notes
Erlang library - ejabberd An unfinished Erlang library is under development here.
Haskell library - ?
C library - basis for libraries in other languages, could be used by PAM plugin, Apache plugins, ... An unfinished C-library is under development here.
C++ library - maybe the same as the C library?
Perl library - Bugzilla
Lua library - Prosody
Java library - There is a library but some new methods are not yet supported and no release has been made
Wordpress plugin PHP library
Joomla PHP library
Trac Python library
Redmine Ruby library A library for Ruby is under development here. Redmine provides support for developing custom authentication plugins here.
Bugzilla Perl library
Ejabberd plugin Erlang library
Prosody plugin Lua library
Drupal plugin PHP library There already is a plugin, but it does not synchronize preferences and groups
Etherpad integration Java library
Dovecot plugin C library Should be possible with the PAM authentication plugin
Exim plugin ?
Postfix plugin ?
Gallery3 plugin PHP library
Samba plugin ?