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Handling of related entities in 0.7

The current status for related entities:

  1. When creating a user, properties and groups are automatically created.
  2. When creating a group, it's initial users are not automatically created, but silently ignored.
  3. When setting the groups of a user, groups are automatically created.
  4. When adding a user to a group, the group is not automatically created.
  5. When setting the users of a group, uses that don't exist are silently ignored
  6. When adding a sub-group to a group, it is an error if either group does not exist.
  7. When setting the sub-groups of a group, it is an error if any of the named sub-groups does not exist.

I am open to suggestions. I think this should be handled in a consistent way. The current status is definitely something that grew historically, we can change it.

Note: We could even think of adding an autocreate parameter to let the client decide if groups should be created (I wouldn't allow this for users, though?)

Possible solutions

  • Add an "autocreate" parameter to some or all requests. (if only some: What to do with the others?)
  • Automatically create groups, but never automatically create users.
    • Setting multiple sub-groups would also create groups - like properties. But setting a single sub-group (a different request) that doesn't exist would be an error
User:Mati: I vote for this (possibly add an autocreate parameter for groups).
  • Auto-create everything.
  • Auto-create nothing.